Frequently Asked Questions

Stay Healthy 4 Life

1Whats the best diet to follow?
The human body is amazingly adaptable to a vast array of diets. The best diet is one that matches your unique physiology and is something you can enjoy enough to follow consistently. Above all, your diet should be as balanced as possible without the influence of fad diets.
2Do I need to count calories?
Calorie counting is imprecise. Calorie counts on food labels may be off by 25%. Your success relies on being in tune with your inborn signaling systems. Once youre in tune to your appetite, hunger and thirst cues, try to eat good clean food and drink plenty of water.
3Should I avoid carbs?
No. Eat a moderate amount of quality carbs from whole grains, fruits, beans, sweet potatoes and legumes. These quality carbs contain fiber which will help to keep you full and relieve feelings of hunger and help with weight control.
4How should I eat to get six pack abs?
a. 90-95% of the time you should eat protein and vegetables at every meal. b. Include healthy fats at most meals. c. Eat a small amount of carbs post work out. d. Exercise intensely 4-5 times per week. e. Get 8 hours of sleep each night.

It's a Healthy Lifestyle, NOT A DIET!

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