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Don't Dig Your Grave With Your Own Knife & Fork


Obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer to name a few have taken a toll on all people of every race and gender. Therefore, we developed a holistic healthy meal delivery service for busy professionals, families, and individuals from all walks of life who are seeking a profoundly beneficial lifestyle change.

By using our bowl system, which incorporates whole grains, spices, herbs, fresh fruits and vegetables and leanly prepared selections of fish, poultry, and beef, you can adopt this plan for diabetes or any disease state. Additionally, our 4 Life bowls give you the flexibility to create vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian or wholesome meals that can be enjoyed by yourself or any member of your family. It’s easy, It’s simple, It’s healthy and It’s delicious. Choose any of our plans to take control and live healthier 4 Life.

Our Mission 4 Life...

Our purposeful plan is to use fresh, non GMO, pesticide free, natural, organically grown fruits and vegetables along with grass fed, hormone free, steroid free and farm raised poultry, beef and fish for the health benefit of our customers.

Our Vision 4 Life...

We seek to improve the health of all people from all walks of life by reducing incidences of diabetes, obesity, cancer, heart disease, stroke and autoimmune diseases. We will accomplish this by proving fresh, natural and organic foods to all people regardless of economic status.

Why Choose Us...

  • Organic fruits and vegetables.
  • Farm raised, steroid and antibiotic free beef, fish and poultry.
  • Locally sourced.
  • No more meal prep.
  • Manage your life better.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Delivery to your job, home or place of business.
  • BPA free, biodegradable and recyclable containers and utencils.
  • Weight management.
  • Health empowerment.

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